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Artificial Turf Base Fabric Parameters

Artificial grass base cloth is one of the important indicators for testing the quality of artificial grass. The quality of the base cloth is closely related to the service life of artificial turf. It is easy to break, and the grass silk is prone to hair loss and hair loss.

In this issue of KMS artificial turf knowledge small class, I will explain to you those “things” about the bottom of artificial turf.

The base fabric is composed of pp woven cloth, non-woven fabric and high-strength mesh cloth, or composed of double-layer pp woven cloth, pp woven cloth and high-strength mesh cloth. The sports turf of Maddie artificial turf adopts the first combination. The bottom of the three layers is formed, which makes the stability and tensile strength of the finished product higher and stronger.


In addition, glue backing is also an important factor affecting the quality of the bottom. At present, the common artificial turf bottoms on the market are mainly divided into three categories: styrene-butadiene latex, PU, and recyclable ERET backing.