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How to choose artificial turf

As we all know, artificial turf is generally made of chemical materials. According to the selected chemical materials and processing technology, artificial turf is also divided into pros and cons.

When purchasing artificial turf, how to evaluate high-quality artificial turf What?

Professionals often use the two reference standards of anti-static performance and brightness of artificial turf to judge the pros and cons of artificial turf.

KMS Artificial Turf As a professional artificial turf manufacturer, the artificial turf products we produce are processed and manufactured with good raw materials and strictly abide by a set of quality systems, so the quality of the products is up to standard.

Under normal circumstances, during the construction of artificial turf, once the size of the marking line is not accurate enough, the turf splice will not be straight.

If the strength of the seam belt is not enough or professional artificial turf glue is not used, the artificial turf may also appear to roll up the edge of the turf.

Under normal circumstances, there should be no obvious seam lines on the artificial turf field, but if the construction process does not meet the specifications, this kind of phenomenon will occur. Because the lodging direction of the artificial turf has not been regularly arranged, resulting in chromatic aberration of light reflection.

During the construction of artificial turf, if the sand filling and particles are uneven, or the turf folds are not processed in advance, the result is that the surface of the entire artificial turf site is uneven, will bring some inevitable hurt.

If we smell the artificial turf site has a peculiar smell or fade, it can basically prove that the artificial turf filler used in the construction stage has quality problems. These are the problems that are prone to occur in the artificial turf construction process, as long as you pay a little attention and be strict Standardizing the implementation of artificial turf construction procedures can be avoided.