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Factors Affecting the Wear Resistance of Artificial Turf(3)

Artificial turf is a kind of plastic chemical fiber product that imitates natural turf. Its appearance and application not only meet the needs of high-intensity sports and have strong applicability, but also have an appearance close to natural turf, good touch, and excellent turf flatness, without consuming a lot of manpower. material to maintain it. When artificial turf is used in sports fields, its most basic performance requirement is the wear resistance of the product. If the wear resistance is poor and the wear of the product increases, it will not only lead to the early failure of the artificial turf field warranty, shorten the service life, but also increase the safety hazards of movement and use and many other adverse consequences. Therefore, improving the wear resistance of artificial turf has significant significance in prolonging the service life of turf, and can also play a positive role in the development of economy and sports.